We believe that children are unique individuals and that their development should unfold in an unhurried, warm and nurturing environment that is facilitated by caregivers who observe their needs and apply this to their planning on an ongoing basis. We recognise that parents are children’s first educators and deserve that respect and acknowledgement of their valuable contribution to the caregiver’s knowledge and understanding of each child. Working in collaboration with parents requires us to be open to their needs, desires and benefits of education for their child as well as being culturally inclusive and respectful.

We believe that the children, parents and staff’s wellness and wellbeing should be of paramount consideration in planning the environment of our kindergarten. We are continually driven by the wide range of learning styles, curiosity, personalities, honesty, warmth and fun that children offer as we embark on the journey together. From this, we have learned to adapt to the ever-changing needs and interests of the children by providing a flexible, safe and hygienic environment that provokes curiosity, exploration, wonder and investigation with the use of natural materials.

The knowledge and understanding of why and how children learn best, as we as adults learn in different ways, is important that we foster their preferred style. We have great joy in seeing children evolve with the programme and have a sense of ownership that comes with this partnership.

We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth of your child.


Our programs have a maximum of 17 children in each group. All sessions are conducted by a fully qualified kindergarten kinder and an assistant and operate in accordance with “Children’s Services Regulations 2020 and the Children’s Act”. We strive to make 3 year old kinder a positive experience for ALL children.

The program runs is accordance with Victorian School Term dates.

Session Times


9.15am – 11.45am

12.45pm – 3.15pm


12.45pm – 3.15pm

9.15am – 11.45am

Meet the teacher

I am very passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to your child’s learning in an unhurried, warm and nurturing environment that provokes curiosity, exploration, wonder and investigation. I have had over 20 years educating our young people in varied settings, this allows providing vast experience and allows me to have an evolving philosophy, new ideas and learning new practices which are implemented in my programme. My strong influences come from the Reggio Emilia approach and the Steiner philosophy. I like to provide an aesthetically welcoming home like feel for children to feel safe and secure. My programme is largely influenced by the children and their interests and supporting development in preparation for the next step both socially and in education.

Personally, l enjoy being creative, being outdoors or relaxing at home and with family. I am a parent of two thus across lots of areas of parenting!

I am looking forward to each day providing a wonderful time at kindergarten, fostering a great start to your child’s first year of formal education and doing the best l can that they get as much out of the year as possible. I believe it takes a whole village to raise a child and this with our community l feel we do well. This is evident with the continued contact from families over the years informing me of wonderful milestones, it’s an honour to be a part of the growth.


3 Year Old Kinder Educator

Enrolment & Fees


Contact: Knoxfield 3 year old kinder

Mobile: 0480 116 220

Enrolment forms can be posted back to kinder or emailed back to email address:

When should my child start kinder?

It is important for children to start school when they are ready to learn in a more formal environment. It is also important for you consider when it is best for your child to start school as this will help you determine the best time for them to commence kindergarten.

Kindergarten services are able to provide families with relevant information about when is the best time for children to start kindergarten. Other early childhood professionals, such as your maternal and child health nurse, can also provide advice to help you make an informed decision about the best age for your child to start kindergarten and school.

For your child to receive the full benefit of what the Knoxfield 3 Year Old Kinder program has to offer we recommend that before your child starts you consider the following:


  1. Is your child emotionally ready for the separation from you? While we understand your child may experience a few tears on separation from you.  If your child is continually upset by your absence they will not fully benefit from our program.
  2. Dropping day sleeps. Sessions run in the mornings and afternoons and tired children who are still requiring day sleeps will not fully benefit from our program.
  3. Your child’s toilet training needs. We encourage your child to be toilet trained by the commencement of Kinder, however we understand accident happens and that not all children are fully trained by this time.

How many children in the group? We have a mixture of girls and boys totalling 17 children in each of the two groups. This is not always evenly balanced depending on intake. We have two staff at all times; Rachel and Julie.

What days / hours / times we operate? We operate two 2.5 hour sessions twice a week. The Koala group attends on Monday morning and Friday afternoon and the Platypus group attends on Monday afternoon and Friday. This way all the children spend a morning and an afternoon experiencing kinder. Morning sessions are 9:15-11:45 Afternoon sessions are 12:45-3:15

Is kinder all year around? We operate in accordance to the school terms. Therefore there is no kinder sessions in the school holidays. Your child attends for each of the four terms.

Are fees funded? No our independently operated 3 year old kindergarten fees are not subsidised by the government like it is in 4 year old preschool. The 3 year old kinder funding of 15 hours a week will not be fully rolled out until 2029. Please contact us directly regarding updates related to Knoxfield 3 year old kinder.

Does my child eat at kinder? Yes we have a shared fruit time each session. The morning session provide a piece of fruit or vegetable to share with the group. (Divided for both sessions) This fruit time provides opportunity to sit together, socialise and for some try new foods. We do have cooking experiences that we have additional to fruit.

Is there a uniform? There is not a requirement to wear a uniform. However we do have for sale kinder tees, hats and windcheaters, we find this has been a great addition for families as the decision on what to wear is non-existent and it saves clothing from potentially being stained from messy play. We have navy blue, purple and red tops to choose from and navy blue bucket hats.


Fee Structure

Knoxfield 3 Year Old Kinder is an independently operated not for profit kindergarten that is funded solely from fees and fundraising. Knoxfield 3 Year Old Kinder is not affiliated with Knox City Council. Whilst fundraising allows us to purchase additional equipment for the program and pay our insurance, our fee structure means we are not dependant on it to meet our operating costs.

Term 1

$410 *

$60.00 – Working Bee Levy

Term 2

$410 *

Term 3

$410 *

Term 4

$410 *

* Term Fees are subject to change

Please note: The Working Bee Levy is refundable upon attendance at 2 x Working Bees.

Location & Contact

81-83 Anne Road, Knoxfield

Telephone: 0480 116 220